Torben Lapuente

We have interviewed Torben Lapuente born 2010. He plays for LAFC Academy in the US and he tells us more about him as a player and his goals for the upcoming season.

Can you describe yourself as a player?
-I am an offensive minded player who likes to attack, create chances and ultimately put the ball in the net. I play either wing or the 9 and am fast, strong and like to rely on my physical strengths to succeed. I’m very competitive and my favorite way to attack is taking on my opponents in a 1v1. The best feeling is when I’m able to either score or assist for my team.

You play for LAFC Academy, how is that?
-I love LAFC Academy! I’m starting my 4th year with them now and it was always my dream to be a part of such a great academy. They push me to be the best that I can be and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. It’s not easy though. I commute over an hour one way to get to my practices 4 times a week and then there’s also games and tournaments. It takes a lot of discipline to get all of my school work and my piano practice done before training. I usually don’t get home until very late every day. Overall it’s been pretty amazing to share the field with some of the most competitive players in the area. I’ve also been lucky to have made some good friends along the way.

How has was last season for you?
-This past season was really hard for me. I encountered my first injury and was out for six weeks. It affected my game for a few weeks before I realized how bad it was and then also for a few weeks after I came back because I still could not play the way that I wanted. It’s hard when you’re thinking about your hamstring instead of attacking but I learned from this and was still able to score goals despite this obstacle. I think it’s made me stronger!

What are your goals for the coming season?
-We are just starting back again. I’m excited for the new season. There’s that feeling of new possibilities. Like always, I hope to score a lot of goals, create chances, assist and play a lot of competitive games. I want to learn more and be the best that I can be. I also want to stay injury free since I know how much that held me back last year. In the end it’s about having fun while following my dreams and I’m always thankful for those opportunities.