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We at have interviewed Hamid Kabodvand, who is the founder of Ballers App. Hamid explains more about the app and why you should use it.

You have launched the ballers app, can you tell us more about the app?
– Ballers app is a digital platform for football players, here the players can be part of a community where they have the opportunity to develop and take their football to the next level. Ballers app focuses on the individual, we want to give all children and youths better opportunities through our platform. Together with our elite trainers, we have created several training packages such as explosiveness training to become faster, mobility programs to become more mobile and stay injury-free, technique programs, etc. Our standard program lasts about 4 years where we offer the players 3 free training sessions a week. Our coaches have trained players such as Alexander Isak, Kingsley Coman and several other elite players at international level. It’s all about giving young players the right conditions, we do it for the players. That’s it!

Who is the app for?
-Ballers app is aimed at the players, that’s why it’s called “BallersApp -> the players’ app”

What sets you apart from other apps that offer the same thing?
-There is no platform out there that offers all players the opportunity for training at an elite level, the opportunity to be scouted, collect points and compare themselves to other players around the world. You can also use your points as credits to then be able to purchase exclusive programs from elite coaches who have trained players such as Alexander Isak.

Why have you locked certain parts of the app? Ie you have to pay to get access to it?
– Some parts are locked, that’s right – if you want to get access to the exclusive programs with our elite trainers, you have to buy it. Soon there will be a new version where your training points can be converted into credits, then you can collect points via our standard program and use the points as credits to unlock exclusive programs. In short, if you want exclusive programs for free, you have to train and collect points for it. We want to motivate users to exercise more.

What does your training program look like?
-We have our standard program which lasts about 4 years, it is completely free.
New player : 10 months (free)
Future player: 10 months (free)
Future PRO: 10 months (free)
PRO level: 10 months (free)
Then we have several exclusive training packages such as core stability program, mobility program, explosive power program, skills and combos and others.

Which trainers have exclusive training programs in the app?
Christian Koutras, it is one of Europe’s best performance coaches. He has trained players such as Kingsley Coman and Robin Quason from the Swedish men’s national team and several other super talents around Europe.

-Oscar Hammar is another trainer who trained Alexander Isak in his young days, Isak did a lot individual training with Oscar.

-Madelen Göras from Goeras Academy – Madelen coaches the majority of girls/women’s players in the Swedish national team. Madelen is Sweden’s absolute best coach on the girls’ and women’s side.