Matai Geller

We have interviewed Matai Geller born 2006. He plays for Newmarket SC in Canada and he tells us more about him as a player and how last season was for him.

Can you describe yourself as a player?
-I think I am a fast player with good ball control, shooting is definitely one of my strengths. I used to go to the field and take shots from the same spots for hours until I’ve perfected it and I did that until my shooting was perfect. My ball control is good too, I train every summer and every winter I train in my garage doing different footwork and ball control exercises. I have been practising doing keep ups for years and years to the point where now I have mastered them. I can do it in my kitchen while making myself an omelette.

How was last season for you?
-Last season was a bit of a change and rocky change for me, I left a team I was with for 5 years to join a new team in the winter for more experience. After the winter season the team decided they didn’t want me anymore so I tried out for another team and now I play for a new team that are 1-2 years older than me which is a very good change and challenge.

How has this season been for you?
-This season I have not scored any goals in game, I have assisted a few. I play on the wing, left or right. I am a left footed player, the coach prefers that as a winger I take less shots and more crosses.