Jesse Beckers

We have interviewed Jesse Beckers born 2014. He plays for Genk in Belgium and he tells us more about him as a player and his goals for the upcoming season.

Can you describe yourself as a player?
-I am a calm teamplayer that likes to win and hates to loose. I enjoy to give great passes and give assists, because I played mostly as a defender last season at STVV.

How was last season for you?
-Last season at STVV I played mostly as a defender, I really enjoyed it, but I also likes to play at position 10. At Genk I probably will play at different positions, but I dont mind that.

You have changed teams to Genk, how is that?
-Coming season I will play at KRC Genk with the U10. I am very excited to play for Genk! I want to be the new Kevin De Bruyne.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
-My goals are to play at my best on every position, to win every tournament and to have some fun and new memories.