Brandon Corral

We have interviewed Brandon Corral born 2010. He plays for LA Galaxy Academy in the US and he tells us how he has prepared and his goals for this season.

The new season has started, how does it feel?
-I’m excited to begin my second season here with the LA Galaxy Academy, the team looks really strong and I’m really looking forward to a solid season. This year we’ve started our new school year there at the Academy. I wake up everyday at 5:00 am in order to be at training/school in Carson by 8:00 am. After a long day of learning both on and off the pitch it’s time to rest and recover when I get home. It’s definitely challenging but worth every sacrifice to wear those Galaxy colors. I’m excited to continue this journey and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity the Academy has provided to me, not to mention the great friendships I’m building with my teammates.

How have you prepared for the season?
-Last season I started with an injury and sat out for the first few months of league which was one of the hardest things to do. After a couple weeks of rest after last season, during the off season I began strength, speed/agility and goalkeeper training to prepare for this season. I’ve taken my coaches recommendations and have applied myself in improving in some of the areas I need to work on.

What are your goals for this season?
-As a goalkeeper, my goals for this season are to keep the goals to a minimum. A personal goal of mine is also to continue to learn and develop and maybe train and play with the olders and learn from them as well. Obviously I would like to win league this season. Getting a call up to the USYNT has always been a goal of mine. This is what keeps me focused everyday. My team will also represent LA Galaxy Academy well in the Portimao International Cup in Portugal in November. We’ll be playing some of the best academies in the world and I want to show that we can compete with top tier European academies.