Amin El Hasnaoui

We have interviewed Amin El Hasnaoui born 2014. He plays for AC Amsterdam and tells us more about his goals for the upcoming season.

Can you discribe yourself as a player?
– I’m dedicated to football and play every day. I play as an attacker and I love to dribbel pass players, scoring goals and giving assists. I cant imagine a day without football.

You play for Atletico Club Amsterdam, How is that?
-Almost 2 year ago we played against AC Amsterdam with my former club. We lost that game but after the match coach Jamal Ahaddouch came to me and told me that I played very well. He saw potential in me asked me if i want to join AC Amsterdam. A former team mate already had left our club to join AC Amsterdam and developed quickly in a short period of time. He now can join the youth academy of Ajax or AZ. For me as a player it is the right environment to development myself on a higher level. AC Amsterdam has an partnership with Ajax so that means a good youth soccer development program.

How was last year for you?
-I had to adjust to the training and way of playing at my new club. But it was a very good year. I have grown and learned a lot of new things.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
-My main goal the upcoming season is to work hard and get a trial so I can prove myself and join a youth academies of a professional soccer club like Ajax or AZ.