Alessandro Impera

We have interviewed Alessandro Impera born 2013. He plays for CF Damm and tells us more about his goals for the upcoming season.

How would you describe yourself as a player?
-I am a fighting player, I like to play the ball from behind and I am passionate about finishing plays with my head or shooting at goal. I am right footed and play both as a defender and midfielder. I like to make assists and I always prefer my team to win rather than stand out on my own.

You have changed teams to CF Damm, how does that feel?
-It feels good and I am very excited because I am going to a great club that I believe will help me develop as a player.

What are your goals for upcoming season?
-I am very excited for the upcoming season. I hope to improve my game as a whole and be an important and strong player for the team. I hope to play as many minutes as possible and help my team to alot of wins.

Thanks Alessandro for the interview and we wish you a great season!